The next incarnation

Welcome to the next incarnation of my journal.

While I realize it is mostly my ADHD that makes me jump around so much, I think there is something to the idea of new beginnings and clean breaks. I have many personal blog sites (which I will list below), ranging from when the hubby and I were both massively pre-transition 20 years ago to his transition 10 years ago and my transition starting three years ago.

For some reason each of the older sites have baggage for me, and I think I find myself not posting much to them because of the old posts already there. My life is different now, it is the best it has ever been and that deserved something.

Now that my transition, while still being undertaken, is under control and I am fully myself as a woman, it is time to sort of signify a change. We just bought a little blue house, a wonderful home that marks the next stage not only in my husband and I’s marriage but our life overall.

Each break in my journal/blog worked well for me. I have baggage, and the older journals also hold their own set of baggage. The new blog works well for me because it gives me something to anchor a change in my life. The big difference here is I am not going to try and upload all my old posts like I have in the past. That never worked well with my adhd and I think I ended up losing stuff. So this is from November 2022 moving forward (although I am celebrating this blog as starting in 2023, I can’t really start it after getting the namesake Little Blue House).

I won’t be taking down my old sites, and I will eventually set up this site to have all the necessary links, but until then here are some incarnations. Also this is not all my gaming websites, those will be linked here soon as well. The linked title goes to the WordPress address in case I don’t renew the domain name in the future for those sites, the actual link at the end of each listing is the domain name as it should stand going forward:

Now, while this post isn’t too personal, I would like to introduce you to our hopeful forever home, the Little Blue House. While not a lot of pictures, more are to come!!!