Institutional microaggressions

Yesterday the hubby and I were both excited. For the last couple of years we have been changing our name and gender markers in all our official documentation. We have successfully changed even our birth certificates (including the hubby's from Arizona). The last two steps are my passport (my federal information is already changed, just … Continue reading Institutional microaggressions

Procrastination of medical decisions is over!

As a disclaimer I am very frank about things in my life, especially about mental health and about transitioning to a woman. Most people won't talk about the grosser or more awkward things so there is a lack of information of not only negative things, but how people addressed them and if it worked. This … Continue reading Procrastination of medical decisions is over!

Funny incident at the doctor

Pardon me as I try and get back in the habit of regular posting, haha. Yesterday the hubby and I had to go pick up my ADHD medication. I have been out for months and it has been killing me both on a work and a personal social interaction level (thank you hubby for putting … Continue reading Funny incident at the doctor