A Burnt face and Some Turkish Fare

I have been quiet lately and that is all due to stress, mental health, physical health and pure exhuastion. That being said, I haven't been just huddling in my house, we have gone down to Phoenix for a horrific experience with electrolysis, for the first time ever I got my face burnt up pretty good, … Continue reading A Burnt face and Some Turkish Fare

Procrastination of medical decisions is over!

As a disclaimer I am very frank about things in my life, especially about mental health and about transitioning to a woman. Most people won't talk about the grosser or more awkward things so there is a lack of information of not only negative things, but how people addressed them and if it worked. This … Continue reading Procrastination of medical decisions is over!

Funny incident at the doctor

Pardon me as I try and get back in the habit of regular posting, haha. Yesterday the hubby and I had to go pick up my ADHD medication. I have been out for months and it has been killing me both on a work and a personal social interaction level (thank you hubby for putting … Continue reading Funny incident at the doctor