Colorblindness and Photography Project moving forward

I often have had people ask me how colorblind am I really, and what does the world look like to you. Evidently it is quite different than most people according to my husband that got to see through a filter of something that is closely aligned with my combination of colorblindness. Also it turns out my ADHD might impact it as well (I only focus on certain things I find interesting, so everything else stays in the grey background).

Basically I guess my world is sepia toned, with occasional bouts of color. I mean I don’t think it is necessarily 100% sepia, but pretty close. My friend Ben and I evidently have close enough colorblindness that we can see “colors” on dice that others say are the exact same color (when rolling two dice they say is the same color, Ben and I could pick out specific dice and they were different color to us).

I have always liked most of my photography in a black and white, and I am going to probably lean more into that. However there are some things I often notice. A person’s eye color, or who has striking hair color, piercings, tattoos, clothing that has something interesting, etc. So this year I am going to work a little more on my photography and produce black and white photos, but keep everything the color of what they are in real life that catches my eyes.

So today I started with my first photo, I really like how it came out and yes it is very “Sin City”. I loved the style of the movie (I haven’t seen the second one). Oh, and one funny note, I didn’t realize Sin City was in black and white with only some colors while I was watching it, until my friend Weylin pointed it out to me during the movie, that was funny.

So here it is, my first photo with me delving into the new style, which will encourage me to learn Affinity Photo even better, so its a win all the way around.

Actually the win is that my husband is hot as fuck and I get to take him home, but that is neither here nor there.

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