A Burnt face and Some Turkish Fare

I have been quiet lately and that is all due to stress, mental health, physical health and pure exhuastion. That being said, I haven’t been just huddling in my house, we have gone down to Phoenix for a horrific experience with electrolysis, for the first time ever I got my face burnt up pretty good, and I cooked the hubby and myself some dishes from Turkey/Middle Eastern area of the world (I realize that is a huge place with lots of countries and cultures).

First let me be clear that the Jazmin is wonderful, and it wasn’t her skills that were an issue, rather it was her experience, and the arrangement of the hours I traveled 1,000 miles for and paid almost 3k for hotels and flights. I had scheduled 2 full days of electrolysis, but halfway through the first day I was told that they were moving the more experienced person off me the second day, but Jazmin could work on me and finish it herself. This was not true, and is the third time in a row they have removed electrolysis people for the second day and I haven’t gotten my face finished.

Turns out that Jazmin who is new, and incredibly nice had picked the wrong locations on my face, making it too difficult the second day for both electrolysis to work on it. This would have been ok had they kept the more experienced person to finish my face, but Jazmin is not nearly as fast, and unfortunately she burnt me pretty badly. They had the more experienced person not work on my face because she always has a list of patients that will come in on the fly.

The sad part, I was willing to pay for the whole time for both people just to clear my face, no one was going to lose money by not splitting off the electrolysis. I had already determined the total max amount of hours and had the money for it.

However, I have to 100% give Jazmin props for being honest. It turns out that the machine she had used on me the previous time was broken and she had a new one. The problem is the old machine was broken the last time too, so she had to crank up the device to have it work. Unfortunately this time with the new machine she used the old numbers the first day, and that is where all the burning happened because the new machine was much more effective and the numbers she used were way too high. This also makes me question why the shop was using a machine that they had to crank up the numbers on to get it to work, especially with how much is charged for electrolysis.

That kind of honesty would normally mean I would absolve the issue itself, however I was told by management that my face being burnt is “normal”, which I can categorically say it wasn’t because I have gone down there 10+ times and this is the only time it happened. The inability of the shop to just be honest is what makes me angry.

I have warred with the idea of posting this, one of the people from the shop lives near me now and has offered to work on my face. I am happy to have her work on it, but I wasn’t sure if me complaining about what happened would mean she would retract that. I hope not, but here it is out there now and we will see.

The second part of this post is I made the hubby and I some food yesterday. I made some Borek, which is a savory Turkish pastry that I usually served breakfast/lunch (think quiche). I also made some Turkish Red Lentil Soup with Mint and a Blood Orange Yogurt Olive Oil Cake. I think they all came out great. The one thing I found out was that our oven cooks a little hot so the food was darker than I liked, but was absolutely tasty. Also my photos weren’t the best, but I was tired and hungry and just wanted to eat.

That reminds me, I need to post some recipes. Maybe I will do that soon as I have been woefully an underachiever posting here 🙂